Like the smooth shining surface of water.

Like the smooth shining
surface of water.

The polished body reflects a brilliant sight.
It will look like your car is shining like a crystal lake.
Even under the brightest sun or snow blizzard.
This is an ideal coating for any environment.
With the help of a Japanese chemical company
we have created a professional glass coating series called SEI.

Strong quality and a delicate gloss.
With these two elements combined we offer a beautiful finish.
With such an elegant shine you will stand out from the crowd!
You will be someone to envy.

This product comes with
certain proof in snow country.

Us at (Irios) Niigata.have over 20 years of experience
in car detailing and glass coating technology.
We have proved ourselves time
and time again with customer satisfaction.
(Irios)Niigata is in Niigata prefecture
and is one of the heaviest snow areas is Japan.
In this harsh environment we have been able to develop this SEI product.
Make this a reality to your car
with this unshakeable performance and high quality product.